World War 5

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World War 5
Andy Looney
A simplified Risk-like game of global conquest
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 4
Icehouse stashes: warning.png“” is no number.
Treehouse sets: 3
Other equipment: special board, six 6-sided dice
Setup time: 2 minutes
Min. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Rules complexity: Medium
Strategy depth: Low
Random chance: Low
Primary Mechanic: stash management
Additional Mechanic: dice rolling
Theme: War
BGG Link: World War 5

World War 5 is an Icehouse game for 2 to 4 players designed by Andy Looney. It is designed to be a game similar to the classic game RISK, but with much simpler rules, evenly distributed resources, and a shorter play time. Each player seeks to conquer an entire opposing continent without losing all their home territories.

The game was first published by Looney Labs in 2008, with map and rules mailed out to everyone on their mailing list as their annual Gift For Their Fans. A deluxe board is available in the LL webstore here. There are also several fan-made printable boards that add labels, alter the colors, or other minor adjustments.

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Facts about World War 5
Additional Mechanic Dice rolling  +
BGG Link Http:// World War 5  +
Description A simplified Risk-like game of global conquest
Designer Andy Looney  +
Max. Players 4  +
Max. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Min. Players 2  +
Min. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Name World War 5  +
Other Equipment special board, six 6-sided dice  +
Primary Mechanic Stash management  +
Primary Theme War  +
Random Chance Low  +
Rules Complexity Medium  +
Sets 3  +
Setup Time 2 minutes  +
Stashes warning.png“” is no number.
Strategy Depth Low  +
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