Martian Coasters

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Martian Coasters
Andrew Looney
The Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 4 (5 with Black Martian Coaster)
Icehouse stashes: warning.png“” is no number.
Treehouse sets: 1
Other equipment: six-sided die, Black Martian Coaster (optional)
Setup time: 1 minute
Min. Playing time: 5 minutes
Max. Playing time: 10 minutes
Rules complexity: Low
Strategy depth: Low
Random chance: Medium
Primary Mechanic: Dynamic board
Additional Mechanic: Stacking
Theme: Abstract
BGG Link: Martian Coasters

Martian Coasters is a race game using a Treehouse set and four special coasters. Players roll dice (one d6 and 1 Treehouse die) and maneuver their trio toward a goal point, and have the opportunity to manipulate board segments along the way. The first person to assemble their pyramids into a nest on their goal wins.

This game works with either a Xeno or a Rainbow treehouse set, since the colors of the coasters correspond to a Rainbow set and the arrows on the coasters correspond to a Xeno set, meaning either color set would work (custom sets of icehouse pieces not based on either of these color schemes, however, might have some trouble).

Martian Coasters was published by Looney Labs in November 2006.

Giant Martian Coasters is a proposed game for Origins 2007.

Designed by Andrew Looney, 2006.

External Links

A four-handed game of Martian Coasters in Xeno colors, in progress

Facts about Martian Coasters
Additional Mechanic Stacking  +
BGG Link Http:// Martian Coasters  +
Description The Beverage-Coaster Treehouse Board Game
Designer Andrew Looney  +
Max. Players 4 (5 with Black Martian Coaster)  +
Max. Playing Time 10 minutes  +
Min. Players 2  +
Min. Playing Time 5 minutes  +
Name Martian Coasters  +
Other Equipment six-sided die, Black Martian Coaster (optional)  +
Primary Mechanic Dynamic board  +
Primary Theme Abstract  +
Random Chance Medium  +
Rules Complexity Low  +
Sets 1  +
Setup Time 1 minute  +
Stashes warning.png“” is no number.
Strategy Depth Low  +
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