Martian 12s

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Martian 12s
Designed by Avri Klemer
Played in Casinos all over Mars
Min. Players: warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Players: warning.png“” is no number.
Icehouse stashes: 2 matching Treehouse sets
Treehouse sets: warning.png“” is no number.
Other equipment: Opaque bag
Setup time: 2 minutes
Min. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Rules complexity: Low
Strategy depth: Medium
Random chance: Medium
Primary Mechanic: none
Additional Mechanic: none
Theme: Martian” cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
BGG Link: Game #33474

Martian 12s is a 2HOUSE gambling game for two to five players.
Each round, the player with the highest score, without going over 12, wins the pot.

Pyramids score the following points, regardless of size:

Xeno               Rainbow
White       0      Black
Clear       1      Red
Orange      2      Yellow
Cyan        3      Green
Purple      4      Blue

The 30 pyramids from two matching Treehouse sets are placed into an opaque bag.
Players will take turns pulling a pyramid from the bag to add to their scoring stack.
Scoring stacks remain in full view of all players at all times.

The player with the most cash in their wallet draws first.
After each round, first draw moves clockwise.

Each player puts a stake ($1) into the pot before pulling a pyramid.
Players are allowed to feel for the size they want to pull. However, they may not look to see the color.

Play moves clockwise to the next player who may pay and pull another pyramid, or pass on his current score.
A player who passes cannot pull again this round, although his score stands unless beaten.

A player whose stack scores more than 12 has popped, and is out of the round.

If there is more than one player who has neither passed nor popped after six pulls, the round is scored.
In the case of tied scores, the player reaching that score with the most pyramids wins.
If still tied, the pot is split between highest scores, with any remainder carrying over to the next pot.



The stake can be lower (pennies, dimes, quarters) or higher (fives, tens, hundreds!) as agreed before the games starts.

Alternatively, each player can be given an equal amount of chips (or beads or candy).

A two player game can be played with a single Treehouse set.
Similarly, more than 5 players can play by adding another matching Treehouse set per two players over 5.


Additional Languages

Martian 12s (French)


This work is distributed by Avri Klemer under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Entered in the Icehouse Game Design Competition, Winter 2008
Winner: Martian 12s 2nd: WreckTangle 3rd: Timelock 4th: Chicken Run
5th: Timberland 6th: Hunt 7th: Virus Fight 8th: Martian Gunslinger
Facts about Martian 12s
Additional Mechanic None  +
BGG Link Http:// Game  +
Description Played in Casinos all over Mars
Designer Designed by Avri Klemer  +
Max. Players warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Min. Players warning.png“” is no number.
Min. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Name Martian 12s  +
Other Equipment Opaque bag  +
Primary Mechanic None  +
Primary Theme warning.png“:category:Martian theme|Martian” cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Random Chance Medium  +
Rules Complexity Low  +
Sets warning.png“” is no number.
Setup Time 2 minutes  +
Stashes 2 matching Treehouse sets  +
Strategy Depth Medium  +
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