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John Cooper with the Zendo Four
A strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: warning.png“” is no number.
Icehouse stashes: 4
Treehouse sets: warning.png“” is no number.
Other equipment: Homeworld markers (optional) and good/evil markers (optional)
Setup time: 2 minutes
Min. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Playing time: warning.png“” is no number.
Rules complexity: Medium
Strategy depth: High
Random chance: None
Primary Mechanic: none
Additional Mechanic: none
Theme: Space
BGG Link: Homeworlds

Homeworlds is an Icehouse game about the epic struggle between good and evil in space. It is an abstract wargame, in which players build ships, trade ships, explore the galaxy, and attack each other. Resource management and positioning in a topologically, rather than geometrically, connected environment are crucial elements of the strategy. The standard multiplayer game involves bluffing and deduction, in the style of Are You A Werewolf?. A Homeworlds game between just two players is known as Binary Homeworlds.

Homeworlds is a redeveloped version of IceTraders. Most people consider Homeworlds to be a vast improvement, and prefer this version over its earlier incarnations.

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StarRunners was designed to reduce the learning curve of Homeworlds. It's a single-stash roll-and-move race game that uses the Homeworlds star-to-star connection system, a mechanic that often confuses new players.

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Facts about HomeworldsRDF feed
Additional Mechanic None  +
BGG Link Http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/14634 Homeworlds  +
Description A strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation
Designer John Cooper with the Zendo Four  +
Max. Players warning.png“” is no number.
Max. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Min. Players 2  +
Min. Playing Time warning.png“” is no number.
Name Homeworlds  +
Other Equipment Homeworld markers (optional) and good/evil markers (optional)  +
Primary Mechanic None  +
Primary Theme Space  +
Random Chance None  +
Rules Complexity Medium  +
Sets warning.png“” is no number.
Setup Time 2 minutes  +
Stashes 4  +
Strategy Depth High  +
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