CrackeD Ice

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CrackeD Ice
Andrew Plotkin, Daniel Efran, and Elliott Evans
Don't tip the ice floe!
Min. Players: 3
Max. Players: 5
Icehouse stashes: 1 per player
Treehouse sets: 5
Other equipment: an old CD; one extra large pyramid
Setup time: 1 minute
Min. Playing time: 10 minutes
Max. Playing time: 25 minutes
Rules complexity: Low
Strategy depth: Low
Random chance: Low
Primary Mechanic: Dexterity
Additional Mechanic: Balance
Theme: Ice
BGG Link: 17773

CrackeD Ice is an addictive dexterity game in the grand tradition of Don't Tip The Waiter. A compact disc (CD) rests on a single large piece, and each player has a whole stash from which they attempt to place pieces onto the disc. If the disc tips and it, or any piece on it, contacts the table, all the pieces that were on the disc except those that were yours are removed from play. (Early versions of the game termed these removed pieces "in the Crackhouse.")

This game became official in 2002 when it was published in issue #15 of Hypothermia.

"Deluxe" versions of this game, packaged in jewel cases with printed versions of the rules and CDs (usually AOL CDs) were created by the game's creators and given away by them to promote the game. The CDs were sometimes microwaved to give them a "cracked ice" look.[1]

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Facts about CrackeD Ice
Additional Mechanic Balance  +
BGG Link Http:// 17773  +
Description Don't tip the ice floe!
Designer Andrew Plotkin, Daniel Efran, and Elliott Evans  +
Max. Players 5  +
Max. Playing Time 25 minutes  +
Min. Players 3  +
Min. Playing Time 10 minutes  +
Name CrackeD Ice  +
Other Equipment an old CD; one extra large pyramid  +
Primary Mechanic Dexterity  +
Primary Theme Ice  +
Random Chance Low  +
Rules Complexity Low  +
Sets 5  +
Setup Time 1 minute  +
Stashes 1 per player  +
Strategy Depth Low  +
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